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Why Maths9 -

Why Maths9 ? is built on pain points of students using maths at school and home. Most students find difficult understanding the concepts at first go. “Practice makes a man perfect”, so teachers recommends students to practice more math problems. We help students to practice maths in fun loving manner and make them mastered in each skill. We create transformative product of maths with an impact that makes students instant classroom essentials. Students who use will succeed like never before. is mathematics practice application to master in each skill through interactive & user friendly questions with fun! Targeting global K-12 Children.

Learn with Fun

  • Interactive and User-Friendly

  • Ensures “Learning with understanding”

  • Self-paced learning

Niche Offerings

  • Focused exclusively on maths practice

  • Aligned to respective Syllabus

  • Unlimited questions per skill

Buy with a Smile

  • Technological Edge - affordable price

  • One Membership - Practice Any Grade, Any Skill, Any Device

  • An Assistant to every Parent and Teacher

Dynamic Reports

  • Tracks every child's progress

  • Practice status at Macro level

  • Instantaneous feedback